Why Shouldn’t Have Sex on The First Date With A Gay Man

Gay dating apps become one of the most popular way for single gay men to find a partner easily. And after spending a few days getting to know each other, two gay men will choose to have their first date. It is common that some of them will choose to have sex once they find that they are really compatible at that first face to face meeting. This article is here to tell them that they should stop having sex on the first date with gay men that they meet on gay hookup apps if their intention is not just for fun.

Yes, it is difficult for guys to find someone they really match. But it is definitely not a good choice to fulfill their desire immediately after the first meeting. However, if you only want to hook up with someone and do not consider long term relationship, then you can do whatever you want to make yourself happy. For those who desire for a like-minded partner, it is very important for them to get to know each other before having sex. There is a false saying that it is hard to decide whether that man is compatible with me or not unless we can have great sex. It is definitely wrong. There are lots of factors to test whether two people can be really matched, including hobbies, interests, emotions, lifestyle, core values and etc. The physical of sex is just a small part that will influence two people’s relationship.

Just think about this. The man you meet on a gay chat app seems like a stranger to you at your first meeting. You just exchange a few messages and check out each other’s photos online. Then you choose to meet in the real world. Even if you can get along with on your meeting, you still know basically about this person. At that situation, you choose to have sex with him just means that you want to find someone to make your need fulfilled. You are not looking for a great partner for long-term relationship. It is not real love and it will never help you test whether he is compatible with you.

Besides, it can be also dangerous to do that before you really trust each other. Being dangerous means physical hurt and also psychological trauma. Both will take a long time to heal before you can be brave enough to start your next journey. So, you just need to be patient when you are looking for partners on a gay dating app and be confident that you will find that one sooner or later.